Saturday, October 25, 2014

This afternoon, my children and I were carving pumpkins. I secretly compete against them. 

As the inside became more and more empty I began to have a feeling of sadness. It reminded me of how empty I was inside before I came to Christ. How I had made so many bad choices and this ol world had cut holes all through me and gutted me...leaving me completely barren. 

I have felt like that pumpkin looked, strong on the outside...nothing on the inside. 

But just as you and I look at the empty pumpkin and see a blank canvas with endless possibilities, God looks at us and desires to make us His masterpiece.

God can do a lot with empty.

God can create something from nothing.

 The more flesh that is carved out and done away with the brighter the light shines through in the dark. 

May our lights shine bright.


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