Hey Judas!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The other night my husband looked over at me and said "You know, I believe that Judas would have been saved if he hadn't killed himself. Not that I believe that he went to hell for committing suicide."

You know that got the ol' hamster wheel turning.

In our lives we tend to be like Judas. On a daily basis we turn our backs on Jesus.

Judas did not wait to see the fulfillment of Christ's plan.

He checked out.

Gave up.

Traded his ticket for what a quick get away from the guilt and shame.

Instead of waiting on the Lord, we tend to give up because we try to carry the guilt and shame of our lives and we CAN'T make it through.

Jesus never intended for Judas to go to hell. He didn't create hell for Judas, Judas choose to go there not by betraying Jesus but by not accepting the forgiveness that Jesus had offered for EVERYONE.

Yes as Jesus was on that cross, Judas was on his mind. You were, too.

So was everything that would ever happen to you or every sin you would ever commit.

Today, you need to accept the forgiveness that is being offered to you.

Jesus won't die on the cross again, He doesn't need too.

It's you who needs to die; to yourself, everyday.

It rids you of guilt and shame.

Now, the enemy will remind you of your guilt and shame but you can believe in confidence that it is no more.

He was, is and always will be perfect. His LOVE is perfect and will make you whole again.

All you have to do is accept the forgivness that is being offered to you.

And trust and obey.



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