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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Busy day. Loud day. The kind of day when everything runs together into one BIG mess.

I didn't even realize how chaotic it really was until I stepped off the porch into complete silence. I don't even remember hearing a car passing by. (strange around here)

I took advantage of the quiet and began to pray softly as I walked towards the mailbox. I have learned that when you have a busy household it is best to take advantage of the little jewels of quiet. Placed here and there and sometimes hard to find, never-the-less they are there.

Many times in my life I have been an Abraham. Taking control of the situation and not waiting on God, because I didn't trust Him.

I'm hard headed. I chose to learn things the hard way. Eventually, I got tired and learned to just be still when I am told to do so.

As in don't try to figure this out Erica, just be still and know that I am God.

I've been anxiously waiting (hey, it counts as still) a prompting to let me know when it was time to begin to prepare for the next season of my life. And Friday afternoon, I got my answer.

I love that God is so gentle with us.He could have used anyone to relay the info to me. Though I truly believe because of the sensitivity of the matter, He chose to deliver the message straight to my heart. He flooded me with all of the wonderful everything that He has blessed us with. He reminded me of many treasured times and people that where given to our lives during this season and encouraged me towards what's to come.

I always get tickled when I recall those wise words of my Granny. "Jesus promised us heaven, He didn't say a word about the boat ride getting there being a cruise ship"

I know joy doesn't come without strife. Healing doesn't come without pain. But joy DOES come as does healing.

Please pray for us as our family begins our next chapter. For joy and healing, for strength and mercy.

We know who writes our story and we are faithfully trusting in Him.


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