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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hey, you.

Yeah, you. The Mom that thinks she blew it today. And pretty much everyday, too.

I just wanted to tell you something...

Great Moms get overwhelmed.

We feel like we've failed a bit here and there don't we? Every single day.

Back up 25 years or so, OK 30. I remember watching my Mama lay in the kitchen floor and kick and scream. I just stood there with scissors in one hand and half of my hair in the other wondering why she was acting ,well, crazy.
I wanted to be like my beautician Mama, so badly. I wanted  to "cut" hair.

Funny, I could have never cut a single hair in my life and still be so much like her. I didn't know that then.

I spent so much of my "almost" adult life (you know when your between the age 20-30 years old) blaming my meltdowns on my Mama.  The good ol' "that's how I was raised" mentality.

The truth?

I was raised with a Mama who became overwhelmed because she loved me too much not too. She was at every event I ever participated in. She even spent more money (that we didn't have) on groceries at the nicer store because it was my first job. Just to see me.  I remember her being there for every single highlight of my life.

And EVERY single failure too.

You see it is not on you, Mom, what decisions your children make or how your children turn out. What IS up to you is to guide them to Jesus. Teach them to listen for His voice in all things.

You will always fail, every single day. But God never fails.

I believe this is what Peter meant when he told us to cast all of our cares on Him, for He cares for you
 (1 Peter 5:7).

Parenting is not a job you have to do alone. God understands, He is a parent.

I want my kids to know how much Jesus loves them and they can't see Him if I am in the way. This motivates me to be more patient, kind, and merciful; and to pray more.

Some days I only get time to pray one single word before the next bit of chaos ensues. God honors that one word.

God blessed me with Children, not so that they would be successful by this world's definition. He gave them to me so that they may know Him.

So, Mom.

 Less Mom, more Jesus! (that also may mean less stuff, more time *cough* *cough*)

Your doing GREAT!


P.S. My mama was saved some time after the hair cutting incident. They say in some cases you have to hit "rock bottom" before you come to know Christ. I'm pretty sure Julie, Michael and I were standing there holding shovels when she hit. I love you, Mama!


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