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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

When a kingdom woman begins her day, heaven, earth, and hell take notice. –KW

That is the first line in a book I am currently reading. I read it and closed the book. I did that because I wake up in the morning and drink coffee.  I’m pretty sure no one notices except my husband…and that is because he brings me the coffee. He is so brave (and smart).

I took that line from the book and thought about it for a few days (2 weeks) before opening the book.

It took 2 minutes for me to desire to want to be a kingdom woman. It took the rest of the days for God to help me understand what I needed to do to get there.

If I had actually just read on for a page or two I might have already figured it out.

I wonder if Jesus sometimes face-palms Himself when He is dealing with me. I do that to my kids sometimes when I am teaching Algebra.
Sometimes I do dances from the 90’s when my kids get the answer right.
 I’m pretty sure Jesus does that too. Maybe.

The basis of how a kingdom woman comes out of her fear of God. How she prioritizes her home and family, organizes her life, makes decisions, chooses investments, and develops her skills comes from her efforts to advance God’s kingdom. If her priorities are rooted in anything else, they will lead to weariness and busyness rather than fruitfulness and abundance.
The simplest way I know to define what it means to fear God is to take God seriously. It means to place what God says and what and what God requires as the highest priority in your life. Fearing God does not mean you are scared of Him. Fear is better understood as reverence or awe. It means to hold in the highest esteem. A kingdom woman fears the Lord in every area of her life.
The marketplace does not control a woman who fears God. The television, magazines, blog, and social media sites do not influence her away from Him. Her friends don’t dictate her emotions or decisions. The culture doesn’t define her. Even her own ambitions don’t dominate her. Rather, the primary influence in a kingdom woman’s life is God. His voice is the loudest. He is the One he seeks to please. Her reverence of Him determines her choices.-_KW

No one can see my that my cup overfloweth because my plate is piled so high with stuff!  

It’s time that I scrape it off a bit.

It will be a newly learned discipline for me to conquer my “stuff”…and discipline takes Jesus.

This is what must happen in my life in order for me to become a kingdom woman. OK, fine… this is the first thing that has to happen in my life to set me in the right direction in becoming a kingdom minded woman.

Less me, more Jesus.


Interested in the book?  Women click here   men click here 

Evans, Tony and Hurst, Chrystal. Kingdom Woman (Tyndale House Publishers, 2013. )p. 17, 19-20


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